Our Values

Echo Energy plc (“Echo”) aspires to achieve the highest standards of Health Safety and Environment (“HSE”) performance:

  1. Echo is committed to having environmental performance it can be proud of.
  2. Echo considers that it’s people are its greatest resource and that the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors and general public is fundamental to its success.
  3. In all our activities Echo demands a responsible approach to the Health, Safety and Protection of the Environment by never accepting performance lower than “Our Expectations” whilst striving for continuous improvement.

In this way, we desire to earn the confidence of those we work with, to be a good neighbour and to be the “Partner of Choice”.


Our Expectations

Echo will always work to deliver healthy and safe working conditions that protect the welfare of employees, contractors and the general public to ensure that HSE risks are minimised as reasonably practicable. It is imperative that contractors and other participants share this goal to ensure an effective programme is in place that reflects a safe and responsible approach in all of our activities.
Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
Echo and its subsidiary companies are committed to conducting their business and operations in all areas of the world in a manner which achieves the following objectives:


  1. Safeguard the HEALTH of its employees, contractors and the public.
  2. Conduct its operations without accident, achieving SAFE operations as its goal.
  3. Minimise the impact of its operations on, and maintain respect for, the ENVIRONMENT. The Directors and Senior Officers of the Company will ensure that these objectives are achieved through:
    1. Adopting standards and procedures that will meet the requirements of local jurisdictions in accordance with general and good oilfield practice.
    2. Managing our activities to prevent pollution and to minimise adverse effects on the world around us.
    3. Consideration in designing our operations so that health and safety hazards and environmental impacts have been assessed and appropriately mitigated.
    4. The use of qualified contractors, who aim to work to the highest possible HSE standards.
    5. Making sure all personnel, including contractors employed by us, are aware of their HSE responsibilities and that they have been properly trained. The past performance reflecting the commitment to Echo’s objectives will be a key factor in selecting and awarding contracts to third parties.
    6. A robust and consistent Company HSE Management System. The Company will undertake regular monitoring, audit and reporting of its operational activity to identify the necessary compliance with its HSE policy and objectives and adopting targets to achieve continuous improvement in our HSE performance.
    7. Regularly reporting HSE performance to the Board of Directors, who will ensure that appropriate resources are provided to achieve the objectives of this policy in full.
    8. Influencing Echo’s joint ventures partners to encourage similar standards are adopted in its operations.
    9. Implementing effective training programmes and procedures for emergency scenarios, and holding drills regularly to ensure that all personnel are familiar with these procedures.